LED Light Bars

At LR Challenge 4×4, we sell a wide range of parts accessories for four-wheel-drive vehicles. Some are model specific, while others like LED light bars will fit pretty much any car you may drive. Given that light bars could be fitted to any car, or even a minibus or any other vehicle, why are they usually sold specifically for off-roaders?

Four wheel drive vehicles – the proper ones, which can actually be driven off-road – tend to be driven by a certain type of person. People who drive off-roaders are independent, adventurous, and practical. Whether working or playing, they have a do-it-yourself attitude and aren’t put off from working towards their goals by unexpected circumstances. If they have to make their way along a muddy track to get to where they are going, their car can get them there. They aim never to be stuck in a situation without the resources they need.

For most motorists, the headlights their cars come with are quite adequate for any situation they expect to have to face. But for 4×4 drivers, adequate will not do. If someone drives an off-roader because of their job – remember, these are adventurous and practical people – they may find themselves in a situation where more light is required. What kind of jobs necessitate a 4×4? Well think about it, if a tree blew down on your roof in the middle of the night, would you expect a tree surgeon to turn up in a small hatchback? Or if some moorland caught fire during the summer, what would you think if a team of rangers crammed their equipment into a sports convertible and tried to drive across the fields?
No, tasks like these need 4x4s, and they often need bright and powerful lighting too. That’s why work lights and LED light bars are so often seen on 4 wheel drive work vehicles. But what about drivers who use their off-road vehicles for recreation? Why do they need LED light bars?

Off-roading as a hobby is a great way to test yourself and your machine against the obstacles you encounter, and good preparation is the key to success. That’s why at LR Challenge 4×4, we sell a wide range of gear which will allow you to transform your average four wheel drive road vehicle into a go-anywhere, ready-for-anything adventuremobile! Some drivers even take extended holidays, driving overland to remote destinations such as Scandinavia, South Africa, or elsewhere. Even if your adventure holiday only takes you as far as the depths of Wales, the fact is that far from town s and cities it gets very dark at night, and drivers need all the help they can get.

So whether you work for the emergency services or in another outdoor capacity, or if you just like to explore in your car and don’t want to get caught out by failing light, LED light bars could be for you. To enquire further about LED light bars or any of our other high quality affordable 4×4 accessories, contact our team.

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