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Are you looking for Ellie D headlights in the Lincolnshire area? If so, look no further than our experts at L R Challenge 4 x 4. We stock a wide range of different parts and components which are suitable for your off-road vehicle. We supply parts for a variety of makes and model of overland vehicle, so whatever you drive, we are confident that we can help. For more information about any of the items we stock, including LED headlights, Lincolnshire customers should contact us today. You will find our contact details on the website, along with an online form which can be used to submit an enquiry. We are happy to help.

Many older models of vehicle do not have LED lights, since these are based on a technology which has only been widely used for lighting in recent years. If you are upgrading, repairing or restoring an older model, why not use the opportunity to upgrade the lights? Equally, you may have a newer model but perhaps damage incurred whilst driving overland means that you need to replace a light unit that is not working. Either way, at L R Challenge 4 x 4, we supply the LED headlights Lincolnshire drivers need. Contact us today to see how competitive our prices are for LED headlights.

Older models of vehicle often have halogen headlights. These have been used since about the 1960s, and for a while were the dominant option in the market. They essentially comprise a tungsten filament in a glass bulb which is filled halogen and a mix of different noble gases. The advantages were that they were cheaper to replace and had a less bright yellowish colour.

However, LED headlights have increasingly become the popular choice, with halogen bulbs mainly a feature of entry level vehicles. Why are LED headlights so popular and a common sight in so many vehicles around Lincolnshire? One of the most important reasons is that they have a lower power usage whilst providing a brighter beam of light than a halogen bulb. When compared, they can have 80% more efficiency than halogen bulbs, since the latter converts more of the electricity into heat as well as light. This can lower the strain on the car’s electrics and potentially improve fuel economy. Another advantage is that LED headlights are more versatile, because the small bulbs can be installed in a variety of shapes and configurations to suit the purpose. For example, as well as LED headlights, Lincolnshire customers will also find LED spotlights and LED light bars in our online store. A further advantage is that LED headlights last much longer than halogen alternatives, potentially up to 10 times as long depending on the make and usage. This means that you are not going to need to replace them as often.

Does this sound like what you need for your vehicle? If so, L R Challenge 4 x 4 is available to help. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you select the best LED headlights Lincolnshire has to offer.

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