Roll Bars

When you think about 4 x 4, off-road driving, what you probably imagine are high powered vehicles powering over uneven terrain. The rougher and muddier the terrain, the better! The challenge to this, whether it is a sport for adrenaline and enjoyment or simply a part of your work week, is getting safely over obstacles that would otherwise be insurmountable.

Because of the nature of rough terrain, it is important to have the right equipment. Some equipment is designed for the mechanical operation of the vehicle, but a lot of components have a protective function. Some protect the car from damage. For example, door sill protectors have a key role in preventing wear and tear to the paintwork at the bottom of the door openings. Other equipment is intended to protect the safety of the occupants in the car, making sure that even in the case of an accident everyone walks away unscathed.

Roll bars are an example of safety equipment which is intended to protect the vehicle and the occupants. What most people mean when they say roll bars are a metal framework that is fitted around the top of the vehicle. In the case of a flat bed 4 x 4 vehicle, this usually consists of a tubular construction that is installed behind the cab in the flatbed section. The tubular structure creates an arc which protects the vehicle. Should the driver attempt to handle a section which is more challenging than they were expecting and roll the car onto its side or roof, the roll bars are designed to take the weight of the vehicle without buckling. The basic frame of the vehicle has some strength, but not necessarily enough if the entire weight of the vehicle is resting on it. This is even more the case if it is a soft top vehicle. The bar ensures that the vehicle roof does not collapse, and ensures the safety of the driver and passengers.

Roll bars are available for different models of 4 x 4 vehicle, including soft top, hard top and flatbed models. They are also available in a range of styles, designs and finishes so that you can get the right safety whilst maintaining the style that you like. At L R Challenge 4 x 4, we supply roll bars for all makes and models of off-road vehicle. Contact our team for more information.
Sometimes when people refer to roll bars, they mean anti-roll bars. These are components fitted to a vehicle to reduce the chance of a vehicle rolling. These can also be fitted to some off-road vehicles to improve stability. Combined with roll bars, anti-roll bars can drastically improve the handling, stability and safety of a vehicle.

For all off-road vehicle parts, look no further than L R Challenge 4 x 4. We only sell high quality parts from reputable vehicle manufacturers. Whether your concern is safety, style or repairing accident damage, we are ready to deliver all the components that you need. You will find our contact details on the website.

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