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At LR Challenge 4×4 our goal is to offer affordable overland equipment to help make your most adventurous travel dreams come true. Why do people travel overland, and how can you grab a part of this exciting lifestyle? Read on!

Are you adventurous in your choice of holidays? Are you fed up of a travel industry which treats you like a package to be delivered? Do you yearn to get more out of your life experiences?
Travelling has long been know as a way of expanding your horizons – both metaphorically and literally – and opening yourself up to new places, new experiences, and new perspectives on life. But the reality of travel often means hours spent sitting waiting in transport hubs like airports and train stations, with their generic gift shops and food outlets, or dull hotel rooms which have had all their local identity and charm sucked out of them.

If you speak to experienced travellers, those who have sampled all the exotic encounters we crave, they will tell you their secret: it isn’t about the places you go, it’s the journey you take to get there. Whether you are heading for Mandalay or Madagascar, Peking or Patagonia – or even St Ives or Skye – it is the independent decisions and chance occurrences that happen along the way which will provide context for your trip, and ultimately define the whole adventure. You can’t get a feel for a place, or understand what it has to offer you, by arriving in an airoplane and leaving the same way two weeks later. Travelling overland – independently, by means of roads, tracks and trails – is the way to approach any destination.

While some travellers love to strip down to the bare essentials and travel by bicycle or on foot, for most overlanders an off-road vehicle offers the best compromise. A capable 4×4 can get you where you need to go even when the roads aren’t good, and offers basic accommodation and protection from the elements. Some adventurous souls have driven their 4x4s across continents!
Any reliable car can be used for an adventure, but in order to be ready for any challenge, it’s wise to equip your vehicle with affordable overland equipment from LR Challenge 4×4. A few simple changes can make all the difference, and turn the 4×4 family car you drive every

day into a world-straddling trailblazer. Which products from our wide range of affordable overland equipment would we recommend for someone planning a long distance trip?
Reinforced bumpers are important in the wild, while fitting a snorkel will allow you to cross rivers. And don’t forget an LED light bar, which will allow you to keep driving at night even in the remotest places. You can choose from our list of affordable overland equipment depending on where you want to go. But rest assured, all our gear is of high quality and will prove reliable when you’re miles from home.

To enquire further about affordable overland equipment, contact LR Challenge 4×4 today.

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