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Welcome to LR Challenge 4×4. We supply high quality parts for all terrain vehicles, to allow our customers to explore further than they’ve ever gone before. Unlike some car-related hobbies, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get results in this game. All you need is a sturdy four-wheel-drive base vehicle, and a few well-chosen modifications to give you an edge. The affordable off-road equipment we sell can give you that edge. Let’s learn more about this exciting hobby.

At the higher levels of motorsport such as Formula 1 racing, it isn’t uncommon for components to cost hundreds of times the amount we could pay for our car parts. In fact, thanks to television and sponsorship, it isn’t unusual for competitors in many forms of motor competition to be full time professionals, with support crews backing them up. This has led to a common perception that all motorsports and related activities are ominously expensive.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of types of racing, from grass-track rallying to drag racing, which are open to pretty much anyone who has a vehicle and a driving licence. In these types of competition, you can race just using the car you drive to work each day. And then there are other motoring activities which don’t involve races at all. For example, if you like classic cars, or customising your ‘ride’ in an individual way, you can get involved with the communities who meet to compare the work they have done on their vehicles and have a good time together.
Another popular motoring activity is off-roading. While races and competitions for all terrain vehicles do exist, for the most part off-roading is concerned with the challenge of getting your vehicle over obstacles and barriers in order to reach a destination or position most vehicles could not approach. Most enthusiasts start with a 4×4 vehicle from manufacturers like Land Rover, Suzuki or Jeep. [More makes here] They then adapt these cars to make them even more suitable to the conditions encountered in off-road situations. Using affordable off-road equipment it is possible to transform almost any 4×4 family car into a competent off-roader.

Which are the best parts to buy for your all terrain car? This depends on the model you have and what you want to do with it, but there are a few basic items of affordable off-road equipment which will benefit almost any vehicle.

These include:

Tyres: To give your car better grip.
Bumpers: To protect your bodywork from rocks and trees
Snorkels: To allow your car to drive through water.
Winches: To pull your car out if you get stuck.
You don’t need a Formula 1 budget to equip an off-roader. In fact, thanks to the range of affordable off-road equipment here, your could build a capable adventure vehicle for just a few hundred pounds, plus the price of the base car.
To learn more about our affordable off-road equipment, contact LR Challenge 4×4 today.

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