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Do you drive a 4×4 vehicle in or near Lincolnshire? If so, L R Challenge 4 x 4 is the best choice for all the components and parts that you need. We supply a full range of different parts and systems for all makes and models of off-road vehicle. We supply brake lines, wheel arches, LED light bars, winching systems and 4×4 snorkels. Lincolnshire customers will not find a better range of high-quality parts than at L R Challenge 4 x 4. For more information about 4×4 snorkels or any of our other vehicle components, please contact us today. You can find contact details and an online enquiry form on the website. We also have an extensive online catalogue on the website.

Road cars have developed over more than a century and, despite the wide range of makes and models, there are certain standard features and parts which are common to all cars. For example, no matter the type of car or 4×4 vehicle, you would expect it to likely have four wheels, an engine, a gearbox, a steering wheel and so on. These are simply the tried and tested methods which have been found to work for road driving through a long process of development.

However, some of the factors which have developed for road use are not necessarily the best for off-road 4×4 driving. There are many aspects of a 4×4 vehicle which are changed, and the more overland navigation you do, the more you may want to develop and enhance your vehicle to make it suitable. One of the components to install is 4×4 snorkels.
4×4 snorkels are used on many overland vehicles in the Lincolnshire area. Essentially, it is a tube for air flow into the car, rather like the breathing snorkel used by swimmers and divers, and the role is very similar for your car. Just like the swimmer is able to keep their face in the water and still breath fresh air, the 4×4 snorkels allow vehicles to have a flow of air regardless of the water or mud conditions.

The problem is that many road cars have the air vent low down, possibly in the engine bay. Most of the time this is fine, unless your vehicle is low into water or mud somewhere in Lincolnshire. In this case, the air vent can become blocked. Instead, the 4×4 snorkels ensure that the air vent is raised above the vehicle and ensures a flow of air at all times. This allows your vehicle to keep going in muddy conditions.

Even if you do not plan on crossing water or mud, 4×4 snorkels are still a good idea. On the roads of Lincolnshire, there is a continual layer a dust and dirt particles in the air just above the road surface. By using 4×4 snorkels, Lincolnshire drivers can ensure that their vehicle is getting clean air which prevents engine damage and extends the life of filters.
For more information about 4×4 snorkels and how they could benefit your vehicle, Lincolnshire customers can contact us today.

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