Door Sill Protectors

Go on, be honest, you love your off-road vehicle. Whether or not it is your main vehicle, you love the feeling of power when you drive it, the powerful engine roaring and the specialist tyres gripping into the soft ground and powering you forward. There is something about off-road, 4 x 4 driving that cannot be compared to mainstream driving, no matter what vehicle you drive.
As an owner of an off-road or 4 x 4 vehicle, you likely want to keep it in tip-top condition. After all, you take real pride in making sure that your vehicle is performing well. This matters, whether or not you rely on your car for your professional work or you use it to let off steam after a busy week at the office.

When you think about upgrading and looking after your vehicle, you probably think about the big components like front grills, headlights and other parts. But the detail matters as well. What about door sill protectors? Have you installed these on your vehicle?

The truth is that the small details like your paintwork on the door sills matters. Even the nicest of vehicles can be marred by damaged paintwork. What a shame to keep your car in top condition, if the first thing people notice are the scuffs and scratches from shoes over the paintwork. After all, if you are driving in rough terrain, it is likely that anyone in your vehicle has mud, stone or gravel caught in the tread, perfect for scraping paint as they enter or exit.

Door sill protectors are fitted onto the surface at the bottom of the door opening. This mean that anything that drags over the door edge, like a shoe or a bag, cannot touch the paintwork or damage it. Generally speaking, they are sold in sets of two for cars with three doors and sets of four for vehicles with five doors – bear in mind that one of the doors is the boot. Because each unit is made of tough material, they provide an effective protection for your vehicle against inevitable wear and tear.

At L R Challenge 4 x 4 we supply high quality, genuine car manufacturer accessories. This means that you can have the complete peace of mind that comes from buying reliable components from experts. We can provide a fast delivery service at competitive prices, so you can have the component as quickly as possible, ready to get your car out and running.
All the door sill protectors come with a full set of fitting instructions for drivers who want to fit their own components. However, if you prefer driving to mechanical work, our team are happy to provide you with a fitting service. Our team are qualified technicians who take pride in a high quality of installation on every job.

For more information about any of our components, including the best choice of door sill protectors for your vehicle, contact us today using the details on the website.

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