Everything you need to know about Car Snorkel Kits

Do you like to explore the outdoors in your 4×4, driving on off-road terrain and getting the most out of your vehicle? At LR Challenge 4×4, we understand our customers want to obtain the optimum performance from their engine. Our high-quality range of snorkel kits are designed to ensure your 4×4 reaches its finest performance, even in the muddier and dirtier conditions of off-road tracks. Today, we are going to look at the series of products we have on offer, for when you want to challenge yourself while still staying safe.

Why do you need a car snorkel? 

If you enjoy using your 4×4 for exploring off-road terrain, your vehicle can become exposed to extremely muddy, dirty and wet conditions. Even if you prefer to keep your 4×4 at home, if you live in an area with high water levels or an area prone to flooding, you also run the risk of driving through excess water that can cause damage or hindrance to your car’s power. Over time, a build up of dust and dirt under the hood of your car can cause issues with the engine and overall performance of your vehicle; this is where our 4×4 car snorkels can help.

What does a car snorkel do? 

A vehicle snorkel runs from the air intake under the hood of your car, and extends upwards on the side your vehicle. As you drive, water is removed from incoming air, and dust that may be floating around in dry desert-like conditions is also filtered out. In doing so, it makes sure the engine of your 4×4 stays cool, dry and clear of dust and debris that could cause damage or performance issues. By keeping water and dirt off your engine, the car snorkels in our range will allow you to drive stress-free even on the bumpiest and dirtiest terrain.

What do we offer you? 

Our truck snorkel kits offer you a variety of different products according to your needs. For instance, we sell snorkel tops that act as filters, letting fresh air reach your engine while simultaneously dispelling sand, dirt and debris. As well as individual pieces we sell snorkel sets which include all the separate parts you need for complete protection of your 4×4 engine. One of these may contain as much as a snorkel, a snorkel top which can be faced forward or backwards according to your needs, an adaptor to fit your original air box, a template for cutting the hole into the wing, and an elbow to connect to the adaptor. With all of these parts sold in one neat package, you have everything you need immediately, saving you time and letting you hit the road fast.

Is it right for you? 

Not only will you enjoy fast and more comfortable journeys in the short-run, but in the long-run car snorkels can significantly extend the lifespan of your 4×4 engine. Visit our website to see our full list of products, or contact us to find the right snorkel product for you.

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